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In the following pages, you will find details about us and how we assist and support young people. We work closely with local authorities and other agencies concerned with vulnerable young people and young people with special needs.
Every young person has different wants and needs, which shapes them into the individual they aspire to be.

Not every young person has family members available to support them and for many reasons they can end up in the care system.

Local authorities become corporate parent and take over responsibility helping young people shape their future. The services offered to meet the objectives of “Every Child Matters” by Forest Care Services are dedicated to individualised support within a closely monitored care and personal development plan or pathway plan. Within those plans and during transition to adulthood, this can include supported housing, tenancy support and independent living training.

For all our young people, we aim to provide a positive care experience with health, educational and employment support. We help build resilience and personal resourcefulness and help develop social skills and social competence.

Established in 2000, Forest Care Services is a supported housing provider working with London Borough of Waltham Forest, London Borough Haringey and other surrounding Authorities. Offering a variety of properties, we are dedicated to providing individualised and holistic support to vulnerable young people referred to us by local authority children’s social services. Each young person has a key worker to help meet their needs. Assisting them to develop skills and the capacity to deal with the difficulties faced by young people today, our first goal is to provide a safe place to stay.  Working with Social Services, our aim is to encourage and empower each young person in preparation for successful independent living.

In a nutshell...

  • housing accommodation

  • “pathway” plan

  • experienced support workers,

  • domestic tasks, personal training plan, career and employment guidance and support

  • small group homes

  • monitoring for health and safety, group living values and practices

  • meet children’s needs, no compromise on quality of care

  • good working relationships with social workers and personal advisors

  • regular consultation with young people

Housing Services

We manage small group homes, providing housing for Children Looked After 16 plus and care leavers.
Our experienced Office Manager manages the repairs and maintenance to keep the properties to good standards


Our small staff team is experienced in supporting young people from different cultures and backgrounds to learn independent living skills including budgeting, cooking and getting access to education and training

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