Safeguarding & child protection

Our principles...

Forest Care Services acknowledges that it has responsibility for the safety of children in our care. It is also imperative to have good safeguarding and child protection policies and procedures which benefit everyone involved with Forest Care’s work as they can help protect them from erroneous or malicious allegations.

As we work closely with Local Authorities it is imperative that we are informed by the placing authority of any prior, or current, child protection concerns regarding the individual. This information will assist staff in minimising the risk of abuse perpetuated.

Forest Care commits itself to such practices which protect children from harm and in particular will;

  • Adopt safeguarding and child protection procedures and code of practice for all who work on behalf of the company.

  • Report concerns to the Local Authorities.

  • Carefully follow procedures for recruitment and selection of staff including any volunteers.

  • Provide effective management for staff and volunteers through support and training.

  • Forest Care is also committed to reviewing its Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Code of Practice at regular intervals.

Our comprehensive policy covers staff responsibility and reporting of concerns, including a rigorous code of practice which is adhered by staff. Many of the key policies and practices have been derived from the Government’s guidelines and from local authority policies.

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