Equal Opportunites Policy

Our principles...

Forest Care Services recognizes that in society, certain groups and individuals suffer discrimination. The effects and consequences of this are considerable and devastating.

Forest Care Services (FCS) opposes discrimination against people on the grounds of colour, culture, nationality, ethnic/national origin, religious belief, gender, class, marital status, sexual orientation, trade union activity or people who happen to have dependents.

Adopting an Equal Opportunity Policy (EOP)

FCS believes that its EOP must be comprehensive and be directed at all aspects of its core services. This is because FCS believes that an EOP is an integral component of service quality.

The EOP, which FCS will promote and uphold, will be a policy, which is directed at;

  • aspects of the company’s service activity (processes), such as recruitment and employment as well as;

  • aspects of the service provision (outcomes), such as user-consultation and religious and culturally sensitive services.

The EOP will directly determine all FCS business activity. It will be widely communicated and circulated to all staff, contractors, clients and other partners.

The EOP will be implemented in accordance with all UK and EU statutory requirements and account will be taken of any statutory or professional codes of practice.

FCS will ensure that both UK and EU Health & Safety legislation is adhered to in particular the neutral and safe working environment aspects.

Our comprehensive policy also covers detailed staff issues and service provision considerations. Available in larger format, on request.

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