Policies and values

Our principles...

Forest Care Services has a range of policies and procedures which underpins its work and helps with its quality assurance. There are policies for how staff are recruited and supported throughout their work, including helping them to improve their practice and skills. There are policies which specifically ensure the protection and the promotion of the well-being of all young people looked after by Forest Care Services.

All the policies complement each other and are regularly consulted upon and reviewed to maintain improvements. All staff are regularly updated on the application of policies to their individual practices.

Our young people have their say in the policies and practices of the company individually and through house meetings. The company will assist young people to have their say, promoting self-advocacy and empowerment, with the help of advocacy organisations if they wish.

The company’s commitment to best practice is included  within its equal opportunity policy and its priorities are determined  by its safeguarding and child protection policy.

  • Professional development

  • best practice

  • high standards

  • leadership

  • safeguarding

  • responsibility

  • common values

  • performance

  • transparency

  • honesty

  • integrity

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