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Forest Care Services is focused on supporting young people in the care system and will ensure that its work is geared towards social inclusion, through accessing local community services including health and education services, access to local voluntary community groups and faith organisations.

Forest Care has programmes, from education to personal development, to help individuals take up opportunities whilst learning to become disciplined and responsible in their transition to adulthood.
The company has a history of support for asylum seeking young people and care leavers and has demonstrated its expertise and commitment in this area of work.

All properties are  fully furnished, complying with House in Multiple Occupation standards.

Forest Care’s  approach is based on key working on a one-to-one basis to each Young person. It  ensures that there is full attention given to developing their skills for independent living. All young people start with a living skills assessment and this is followed by a tracking sheet, to show progress and to measure against agreed targets.

All staff are carefully vetted and undergo training and support to achieve NVQ level 3. Those with supervising responsibilities also attend training in management and leadership.
A detailed service information outline is available on request.

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