In a nutshell...​
  • housing accommodation

  • “pathway” plan

  • support workers,

  • domestic tasks, personal training plan, career and employment guidance and support

  • small group homes

  • monitoring for health and safety, group living values and practices

  • meet children’s needs, no compromise on quality of care

  • good working relationships with social workers

  • regular consultation with young people

Our Work

Forest Care Services provides care and support to young people referred to us by local authority children social services

Forest Care Services is able to accommodate young people in its range of housing accommodation. Every young person will have a support plan or pathway plan (Children Leaving Care Act) which sets out the programme and a contract of work between Forest Care and the young person concerned.

We allocate a member of our team of support workers to work with every individual residing with us, to track and monitor their development carefully and closely liaise with their appointed social workers or personal advisers.

The range of activities undertaken with our young person, as part of their personal training plan can range from simple domestic tasks within the home to   career and employment guidance and support.

Our support workers, visit the houses regularly to monitor health and safety  and to ensure young people are managing the responsibilities of group living . Our values and practices are based on promoting work with young people to help them make the transition to independence safely and with confidence in their future.

Support workers are responsible for individualised support, and will undertake  frequent contacts, and assist their young person in their commissioned personalised plan hours per week, based on assessed needs.

Forest Care is an approved provider under contracting frameworks for the provision of supported housing for young people’ in the following  Boroughs, listed below;

  • London Borough of Hackney

  • London Borough of Haringey

  • London Borough of Waltham Forest

  • London Borough of Redbridge

  • Essex County Council

  • West London Alliance

  • Wiltshire council

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