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Abdi's story

Abdi (now 17 years) came from Somalia, who upon arrival at a UK airport went straight to his Aunt’s house in north London where he lived for a year and a half and he left following a series of problems. He was referred for emergency accommodation by the Connexions service and eventually came to Forest Care Services after the intervention of the local authority’s Children’s Services.

Abdi has now been with Forest Care for a year, he lives in a shared house and he credits his growing confidence coping independently and managing his budget to the support he receives from his key support worker.

Abdi said “I like my room and I am happy with Forest Care, the key workers I know are doing their jobs”

“Forest Care has helped me with anything you could imagine” said Shahbaz.

Christian's Story

Christian is an 18 year old White British male who came to Forest Care after relationship with his maternal grandmother (he was staying with) broke down. Christian had been in and out of foster care since he was 10 years old. He had nowhere to live and he was with his 16 year old girlfriend, expecting their baby. Following our intervention and support, Christian is now able to support himself and currently has a stable job. He meets his support worker up to 2 times per week and is continuing to consolidate his independent living skills and hoping to secure a successful future with his young family.

Shabaz's Story

Shahbaz, from Afghanistan, fled his war torn country at the age 16. He arrived in the UK by lorry where he was dropped off in a forest somewhere in Kent. He walked along a road for a time and was eventually picked up by a stranger who fed him, clothed him and took him to the Home Office. He was referred to Forest Care Services soon after, where he lives in a shared house.
Shahbaz was enrolled with the local college and since then, he has shown remarkable improvements in all aspects of life skills

Shi's Story

Shi came from China. She was only 16 years old when she was found by passers-by in a tearful state and referred for help to the Police. Shi had been trafficked by criminal gangs and into prostitution and after over 18 months in various parts of the UK, managed to escape. She has been supported by Forest Care through the social services Children’s Department. She has two children and is currently in a happy long-term relationship.

“My name is Daniel and I have been placed with Forest Care for almost 18 months. I have been living in the Enfield 24 hour unit for almost a year. I was placed in care initially because I was committing crimes and my family was unable to cope. My experience with Forest Care has been very good so far and I have made several friends. Staff have been very supportive and try hard to accommodate my needs. Forest care has provided me with stability in a clean safe environment and most of all I have all the guidance and advice from staff to prepare me towards living independent. I prefer living here compared to at home as I am treated with respect and have a lot freedom. I have also gained a lot of useful knowledge from staff that would help me in future”

Abana's Story

Abana is a 16 year old with significant mental health problems. She came from Nigeria at a young age and lived with aunts until a few years ago and following a breakdown, was referred to children’s services. She is considered challenging to health agencies and with a formal diagnosed “personality disorder”, often falls through the attention of the community mental health services, in particular the local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. As a result, Forest Care Services have become her sole support and being provided with independent living skills training.

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